Joni.pngillustration by VexedMuddler

Joni Seidenstein grew up in Southwest Florida, but spent many hours in her youth in upstate New York and is not-so-secretly thrilled when people think she hails from New York state. She moved to Northern Virginia a week before Thanksgiving in 1999 and has resided there ever since. In 2001, she she took a hiatus from substitute teaching and decided to try quilting.  Foot set upon that path, she primarily did traditional quilting (by machine) for over a decade until she took a workshop from Lisa Ellis in 2012.   Joni now primarily creates art quilts, mostly featuring natural subjects from the microscopic to astronomic.  She lives with her mathematician husband and two daughters, all of whom challenge and delight her on a daily basis.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Instagram

Or email her at artcollisions at gmail dot com.

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