The Riches of Twitter

Twitter has brought me unimagined riches: new friends (got to meet quite a few at SfN14 last year); little gifts in the mail (lapsang souchang infused goat cajeta, alpaca fibers for felting); great #sciart in my life new mushroom coasters laser engraved by Julie Himes and a felted hat adorned by a jellyfish to warm my noggin); and opportunities to have conversations about science, art, and everything in between.

When the #sciart tweet storm was announced, I felt a bit shy about participating. On Sunday, I tentatively tweeted my first few tweets for the #sciart tweet storm organized by the Symbiartic blog team: Kalliopi Monoyios (@eyeforscience), Katie McKissick (@beatricebiology) and Glendon Mellow (@FlyingTrilobite). I had no idea what riches it would bring.

On Monday morning, I saw a tweet by Stewart Barker of a fungal invasion. It was so beautiful. And my kids had a snow day. I thought, ah ha, I’m going to see if I can capture this in felt.

My attempt did not fully resemble Barker’s infestation, but I was pleased with it. When I reported back, he told me that he had seen other fungal infestations resembling my felt, which really made my day.

Monday night, I got talking with someone about starting a new hashtag idea. That work is still in process, but I’m hoping we can roll it out next week. I love collaborating!

Yesterday morning, I wrote up the previous blog post in an attempt to get my three images done for the day. Five minutes after I posted, Chris Woolston from Nature Magazine called and wanted to know if he could use an image of one of my quilts for an online article about the #sciart tweet storm. I was really confused and didn’t think he could possibly mean one of the one’s I’d just posted, but yes, that was what he was talking about. Talk about serendipity!  (Find the article here, with lovely sciart from three other artists as well!)

I love the #sciart community because of the investigative spirit and willingness to collaborate. I’m invigorated by it. If there is a question to be pursued, that is exciting to me. Ultimately, I think #sciart is about communication. I appreciate being part of the conversation and I can’t wait to see what else comes out of the #sciart hurricane! I hope it takes a long time to die down.

7 thoughts on “The Riches of Twitter

  1. Reblogged this on Microbe Stew and commented:
    So this week i contributed to #SciArt on Twitter with a picture of fungal contamination that had formed concentric circles! Check out the story here!

    • Thank you so much. I know some of it is a matter of serendipity (the timing was truly incredible, from my perspective), but I also feel incredibly honored to be one of four artists on Twitter featured in your article.

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