Not too late to buy an original Artcollisions’ artwork

Now that my two shows of the season are over, your opportunity to acquire one of my pieces in person is gone, but thanks to the internet, you can still get one or more through the magic of electrons.

I’m going to list all the available pieces here, under a cut.  At the moment, I do not have an online store setup, but I can easily email an invoice.

I have edited the post to include dimensions and prices. If you click on a small picture, it will take you to a bigger one.


Neural Star Chart: A cross between a star chart and a neural network. After I painted the fabric, it reminded me of the universe expanding. I didn’t want to lose that when I thought about making a neural network and since I think there are a lot of parallels between the brain and outer space, it seemed obvious to me to combine them. 13X18in


The Brainey Deep: The pink background said “brain matter” to me, when I’d finished it. I then decided to make it a punny underwater scene. This quilt features an aplysia californica, “brain” coral, a starfish (because one of my earliest introductions to neuroscience was from The Arm of the Starfish), a pencil squid (they are using a protein from the pencil squid to connect brains and computers), a neuro jelly (my own invention — it has dendritic tentacles), “synaptic coral” (coral that was inspired by a picture of dendrites with synapses), and sea horses (for the hippocampus). It also has some fish for fun, and it is the deep sea. 16.25X18.25 in $350


The pencil squid has a protein that researchers are using to connect brains and computers. 15.25X11.5in $100


Floating Away: This lazy octopus is floating away on a piece of raw silk that I hand dyed. 17X13.5 in $125


Marie: Named for the woman who did important work on radioactivity 9.5X9.25


Blood Brain Barrier: You can see the red blood cells flowing through the translucent vessel wall. Astrocytes are represented by the green thread and they have processes that form the semi-permeable barrier. 14X14.25 in  $200


Alien in Your Brain: Is this an alien, or an astrocyte? Who is to say it isn’t a giant interstellar squid. 16X19 inches with hand beaded stars.


Magic Forest: This was inspired by an image of an olfactory bulb taken by Sonya Giridhar. 11.25X13.75in $275


Free Spirit: Passionate. Focused. 9.25X6.25 inches.


Wild Woman: A force of nature. Dynamic, interested in how things are related and yet very approachable. Favorite way to relax: dancing in the streets.  9.25X6.25in


Effervescent Jellies: Bubbling jellyfish with glow in the dark tentacles. 9X6.25 inches. Jellyfish are little dimensional puffs. $75


Black Shooting Neuron Stars: 11X9.25in $130 (see earlier post for story about this one)


Orange Shooting Neuron Stars: 10.5X9.25 in  $110 (see earlier post for narrative)


Green Cajal (Forest) Neuron: Inspired by one of Santiago y Ramon Cajal’s drawings 11.5X9.25 in


Green Man: part of the facial recognition series. 10.5X9.25 in


Ear Worm: Those silvery little notes must have magic in them to make them so sticky. 9.25X9.25 inches  $75


Sometimes Experiments Don’t Always Go the Way We Expect: What it says on the tin. 9X10in


Synaptic Coral I: Although this was inspired by a picture of synapses, after I made it, I thought it looked like coral. 13.25X10.25 in 

Also for sale, which  you may not have seen here are these three.

or you can display it like this:

Cuttlefish Hamsa: This was part of a series of hamsas I made. This hamsa is disguised as a fanciful cuttlefish with a fish eye and can be displayed with the veil either in front or in the back. 10X9.5 in $100


Hamsa Hiding in the Kelp: Another in the series of hamsas, this hamsa is hiding in a yellow kelp bed populated by sea horses. Kelp can be moved and either hide behind the hamsa, or hide the hamsa. 11X9.5 inches $125

Hang In There: Quilted golden spider web with a friendly wire spider attached.  12.25X11 in $100

Any questions? Please ask!

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