Online Advent Calendars

‘Tis the season for Advent Calendars. I used to buy my kids one (cheap) Advent calendar with terrible chocolate in it that they would then fight over who got the miniscule tidbit. After a few years of this, I quit cold turkey. Probably because I forgot to buy one. This is where the internet comes in.

I think it was two years ago that we found the Royal Institute’s Advent Calendar. Alas, they are not doing one this year. They have a mini-series Things To Do With Stuff instead. I have not checked it out yet.

So, for actual Advent calendars, I found a chemistry one, a geology one, a general science one (that is not the RI), and a British Sign Language one.

Compound Chemistry (Explorations of Everyday Chemical Compounds)is focusing on chemicals found in Christmas related things. Find the 2014 Chemistry Advent Calendar here.

The Geological Society of London has their Advent Calendar here.

Cosmic Genome has different short videos for each day, in the style of RI’s past Advent Calendars, but I can’t speak to thematics. I think they are just generally science themed. Find the Cosmic Genome Advent Calendar here.

I cannot recommend the BSL Advent Calendar because it makes my browser crash. Every time. 😦

So, what good Advent Calendars have you found online? I would love some cartoony ones. Or art ones. Throw your links my way and I’ll update the entry.

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