Liminal spaces, heterogeneous communities, and letting go of fear

A few months ago I was wanting to write a piece on living on the edges, in the liminal spaces. I started that post at least four times and abandoned it every single time. I could not make it cohere. It wasn’t until some time in the last week or so that what I was really trying to express had to do with where I felt most fully myself.

For years I thought I had no communities that I really belonged in, but what I’ve come to realize is that communities that are heterogeneous are much more comfortable spaces for me. I am not neatly defined by most labels (without qualifiers) which is why I thought I just existed on the edges, but I think what’s really going on for me is some sort of Venn Diagram. Forgive if I’m using the term incorrectly. I can’t think of a better analogy.

Finding the #sciart community has been nothing short of amazing for me. No one is out there with a ruler checking your scientific knowledge nor are they judging your art pedigree (no matter the format). We are all just excited about art and science and trying to express that in our individual ways. As I said to CartoonNeuroscience (on Twitter), it’s a way for me to start a conversation.

Finally, I was reflecting on wanting to let go of fear specifically as it relates to my art. I went to a meeting of a fiber art(ists) guild. I was so inspired! It made me realize that groups that represent more than one monolithic Thing are where I feel more comfortable and where I am more likely to not only be inspired, but also supported. As 2015 approaches, I say to the darkness, I have many questions and I want many beams of light to shine towards them.

In the spirit of the season, I’m posting a picture of the Deconstructed Santa I made last year. May we continue to ask questions and have interesting conversations.

Deconstructed Santa

Now On SquareUp Marketplace

Early this year I made an Etsy account and then found out that last year, Etsy had changed their policies so that vendors could outsource labor. I don’t know all the history behind it, but I went in to it believing that it favored small vendors. After I found out about that policy, I held off on listing anything anywhere. I wasn’t established on Etsy and I was focused on producing work for the Society of Neuroscience convention.

I recently discovered that I could list items on SquareUp’s Marketplace, so that’s where you can find my work to purchase online. I have changed the webpage to reflect this and the link will take you to my page on SquareUp’s Marketplace.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I now have a contact form in the “about me” page or you can email me at artcollisions at gmail dot com.

Not too late to buy an original Artcollisions’ artwork

Now that my two shows of the season are over, your opportunity to acquire one of my pieces in person is gone, but thanks to the internet, you can still get one or more through the magic of electrons.

I’m going to list all the available pieces here, under a cut.  At the moment, I do not have an online store setup, but I can easily email an invoice.

I have edited the post to include dimensions and prices. If you click on a small picture, it will take you to a bigger one.

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Online Advent Calendars

‘Tis the season for Advent Calendars. I used to buy my kids one (cheap) Advent calendar with terrible chocolate in it that they would then fight over who got the miniscule tidbit. After a few years of this, I quit cold turkey. Probably because I forgot to buy one. This is where the internet comes in.

I think it was two years ago that we found the Royal Institute’s Advent Calendar. Alas, they are not doing one this year. They have a mini-series Things To Do With Stuff instead. I have not checked it out yet.

So, for actual Advent calendars, I found a chemistry one, a geology one, a general science one (that is not the RI), and a British Sign Language one.

Compound Chemistry (Explorations of Everyday Chemical Compounds)is focusing on chemicals found in Christmas related things. Find the 2014 Chemistry Advent Calendar here.

The Geological Society of London has their Advent Calendar here.

Cosmic Genome has different short videos for each day, in the style of RI’s past Advent Calendars, but I can’t speak to thematics. I think they are just generally science themed. Find the Cosmic Genome Advent Calendar here.

I cannot recommend the BSL Advent Calendar because it makes my browser crash. Every time. 😦

So, what good Advent Calendars have you found online? I would love some cartoony ones. Or art ones. Throw your links my way and I’ll update the entry.