Scattered thoughts about SfN14 a few days later

First of all, if you are thinking you missed the opportunity to obtain one of the art quilts I brought to SfN14, please contact me. It probably isn’t too late 😀

Between the dishes, laundry, and errands that had stacked up, I’ve been pondering what to say post-conference. I feel like the last post really captured the highlights. I am not sure I have much more to add. I loved being at the conference.

I had concerns about how the family would function without me as infrastructure for six days. That part mostly went ok, although things piled up at the end (in the house). I had fears I wouldn’t fit in (they were unfounded).

Creativity-wise I’m now thinking about layers. I had been mulling concepts of folded fabric. Still thinking about that. Layers fits with my “hidden” theme too. Nice to have that teased out.

I now realize I didn’t write about the conversation I had with Hugo Spiers. He’s got me thinking about memory and location. I feel like this field is so rich, ready for mining with the metaphors. The part of the brain that holds memories is the same part that tells us where we are located in space. Without memories, we cannot locate ourselves. Wow. That blows my mind.

Most terrifying moment? During set-up when someone working in the building stepped on two of the quilts. Agh. Luckily she didn’t damage or mark them. Oddest conversation? The man who talked around an idea that he couldn’t tell me about (because it was too obvious and I would run off and do it (probably not true, but that’s what he told me)) and it turned out he wanted someone to draw an image. When I told him I couldn’t draw, but I could manipulate fabric, he didn’t seem to know what to do with that information.

It was amazing to sit next to Megan McGlynn. She’s brilliant and her work is impeccable. We had a lot of fun sharing inspirations. I did not get to spend nearly as much time with any of the other artists and wished that we could have had our own private party.

My one sadness? Chicago next year is probably not feasible. I had so much support for this convention which was nothing less than amazing, but I wouldn’t have most of that somewhere else. Of course, one never knows what the future holds! And ultimately, the conversations will continue beyond the bounds of SfN14, thanks to social media!

Would love to hear your thoughts about the conference. What struck you? Please comment here or on Twitter.

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