Report from the trenches of SfN14

I am having an amazing time at the Annual Society for Neuroscience Convention. As one of six artists exhibiting this year, I feel enormously privileged and I’m thoroughly enjoying chatting with everyone there about brains and beauty.

I am trying take some notes about things that have particularly captivated me. Here is what I’ve collected so far:

Someone suggested making a series of quilts that changed as you went into a house/building with the theme of evolution. I thought that doing a series from the microscopic to the astronomic would be pretty exciting. Oooh, in that case, the size of the quilt could even change. Anyone want to commission me to do that? 😀


Had an interesting chat with Fiadhiglas from twitter about her flavor of synasthesia. She was telling me how different colors evoke different emotions for her (if I understand correctly). It got me thinking about the effect colors have on moods.  Still thinking about it.


Talked to the people about neuroscience outreach. They do enrichment classes for at-risk youth and incorporate art into the curriculum. Nothing short of brilliant.


arco_iris56 stopped by my booth today and later tweeted this incredible brain print picture that made me think of thumbprints and now my brain is all happy and fizzy.

  Met a man with a tattoo of a neuron he’d imaged on his forearm (incredibly gorgeous tattoo) and also has purkinjee neurons on the back of his neck (see this tweet).

Finally, two of the official bloggers are interviewing the artists and here are there interviews with me.

Katiesci’s (from twitter) writeup is here.  Shelly Fan, also from Twitter, posted my interview here.

And now I’m falling asleep. Until tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Report from the trenches of SfN14

  1. I’m so happy that the organization recognized what they have in you and your art. This goes beyond movie star status.

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