One of the goals I have with my art quilts is to try to convey a sense of story. With that in mind, I want to show you the path my mind took to get to this quilt.

One of the images I came across when looking at pictures of neurons was a picture comparing galaxies to neurons.  I am pretty sure I saw that after I saw a picture of city lights compared to neurons. I thought, wow, that is awesome and tucked the thoughts and images away.

A few months later, I was at the Hayden Planetarium listening to the dulcet tones of  Neil deGrasse Tyson croon about the universe. Relaxed, I let his words wash over and through me as I watched pictures of stars, galaxies, and planets move overhead.  And then I thought “what if the universe were a brain? and what if galaxies were neurons?” And, “what if the ocean was a brain? and jellyfish were neurons?” I almost leapt out of my seat, ready to go play, but stayed tethered to watch the rest of the show.

Life got hold of me. It took me away from the sewing machine for a bit. But still I noodled with this idea of stars and galaxies being neurons.  Then I saw a picture of neurons that seemed like they could be shooting stars and I knew I had to make shooting neuron stars, but how?  One day, I walked into a sewing store and there before my eyes was this iron-on thread. I had found it! I knew how I was going to make my shooting neuron stars.


Shooting Neuron Stars

13 thoughts on “Storytime

  1. Joni,
    I love hearing the creative process. You are teaching me how to open my mind and see things in a different light. I love the oranges, too. So, many shy away from usinf orange (I am one of them), and great to seel how it came together. You are truly an artist in every way.

    • Thank you so much Diane! I used to shy away from orange too, but last year we had a challenge to use our least favorite color(s) with our favorite color(s) and orange was on the icky list. As soon as I started to use it, though, bam, something happened and I’ve been using it a lot lately. It is a very powerful color and fun to play with. I’m really happy that you are enjoying my thoughts as well as the final work!

  2. Intrigued by how you merge experiences and observations together to create your artwork. Very interesting universe metaphor for the brain – wonderful design.

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