Neuroscience themed quilts

I have been working on some neuroscience themed quilts and thought I’d post them all here, rather than making a separate post for each one.


This one was inspired by this image of Josephson Junctions neurons.  I used angelina fibers for the fuzzy parts of the neurons as well as the blue sparkly background and then I stitched over the neurons with a shiny non-metallic green thread to give them form.


This wild woman was inspired by work on facial recognition. I can’t wait to play with more “faces”! She has a novelty yarn for hair that is just stitched in a few places so it hangs freely.

The next two were attempts at visual metaphor. I’ll put them behind a cut.


This is an “ear worm”.  The worm is made from a tube of fabric. The notes coming out of the ear are shiny because I imagine that notes that get stuck in one’s head must be magical.


I was going for “lizard brain” but he looks much more like a “lab rat” and that’s ok too! The body is textured with the help of a product called Texture Magic (no affiliation, just a happy user).


13 thoughts on “Neuroscience themed quilts

  1. Having a PhD in what is now neurosciences (sensory physiology/psychology then), i really appreciate these efforts to add color to the old black and white or color-stained slides! Gave me a chuckle! Hilda Greenbaum

    • 🙂 In the case of the Josephson Junction neurons, I was using the colors portrayed in the image I had. I recently read a comment by Betty Busby, a fiber artist who does a lot of work inspired by biologic microscopic images who said she uses any color she wants because there is no color in the microscope (this is from the SAQA Journal Spring 2014). I am glad you appreciate all the colors! They are certainly fun to work with. Thanks!

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