Working on a weak skill

Probably my weakest quilting skill is free motion quilting. To that end, I’m making myself do it. I did one session last week and I just wimped out and did my usual not-very-good meander.

This week, I decided I needed to branch out and do something else. A few years ago I took a machine quilting class and one of the patterns I did there was a sort of pebble. I thought this seemed manageable and felt it would be a perfect background texture for a quilt inspired by toad ova.



I almost always use a variegated thread, as I did here, and I found the effect quite pleasing. Although my shapes are rather imperfect and sometimes I forgot I was doing circles (oops), it doesn’t seem too apparent. I feel this is adequate and am quite pleased that I have managed to do something a little different.  Tomorrow I will aim for a different shape, after I figure out what shape that is!

Once the background was complete, it was time to put the toad ova on top. I didn’t take any pictures in progress as there seemed little point. Here is how it looks now. I may decided to stitch over the red on the eggs more, but I have time to figure that out.



2 thoughts on “Working on a weak skill

    • Thanks Cathy! When I showed my husband the reference picture, he was like “oh yeah, that’s totally that thing” 😀 I was pleased that I pulled it off. 😀

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