Irish Trees

When I started my art quilt journey in late 2012, I asked friends if they wanted to sign up to receive one.  I think I started with about 12 people.  I have now made over 50. Some for commission even.

This one is for a friend who was on that original list. She sent me an image that had meaning for her and this is what I made. She is thrilled with it. It was an interesting project for me in that I had made trees before, but not quite like this.  I was going for this particular shape which didn’t seem to be working with the strips I was used to working with. I just could not get them to work. I decided to switch fabric and voila, all of a sudden it came together! I ended up using the original fabric as leaves and I stitched over them with a metallic green thread because I cannot resist sparkles. It measures roughly 11 inches tall and 19 inches wide.

I’m calling it Irish Trees because the original image had Celtic knots involved, but that was not working for me and I was pleased with it without the knots.


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